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We are Your Air Doctors and our mission is to deliver the cleanest and the healthiest air to homes, businesses, frontline warriors and protect them from the dangers of unseen viruses. Our Anti Microbial Air Purification Technologies deactivate the viruses in real time and tackle the deteriorating air quality with the first of its kind technology developed at IIT Bombay IIT Kanpur and the Indian Institute of Science.

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Abhimanyu Kumar


Pushaan Singh


Abhisek Naraian

Growth Manager

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Growth Manager

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Business Development Manager

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Assistant Sales Manager

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Operations and Quality Manager

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R&D Engineer

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MArketing Executive

Awards & Recognitions

We have ensured that with building phenomenal products after rigorous testing and validations  from nationally accredited labs for virus deactivation and microbial reduction. We take pride in being the only product in the market to have achieved these prestigious awards and recognitions. 

Winners of Maharastra Startup Innovation Week 2022
An initiative by the Government of Maharastra to empower Startups

Awarded Nexus Startup Development Grant
An initiative by the US Embassy to promote Indian Startups

Awarded Best Innovation of the Year 2022
At the World Environment Expo 2022

Winners in Civic Tech Innovation Launchpad 
Held by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation

Our Supporters


Airth Protected Center for Chest Diseases

Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta is a pulmonologists and he ensures his patient’s well being with our Anti Microbial Air Purifier.

Padmashri Dr. Ashok Rajgopal believes in AiRTH

We are very honoured to have the Prestigious and Internationally renowned Orthopaedic surgeon believing and using our Anti Microbial Air Purifier.

Ensuring safe meetings

Safe meetings is the most important thing to consider in Covid-19 outbreak return to work scenario. We are pleased to have SS Supply Chain having protecting their employees with AiRTH.

Hospitals are AiRTH Protected

Preventing cross contamination among samples in the RT-PCR Labs at the most trusted hospital in healthcare. Ensuring accurate test results for proper precautions and treatment.

Bacterial free Dental Clinics

I was very free minded while treating patients in the bacterial free zone, patients were happy that we have installed AiRTH Anti Microbial Air Purifier” Says Dr. Prateek Anand.

Protecting the largest facilitator of Stamp Papers in India

Stockholding Corporation of India Limited appreciated us for protecting their employees from Covid-19 and harmful effects of pollution along with a Letter of Recommendation.

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