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Know the invisible substance in your air
Get your Air Quality Audit done by researchers from
IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore

Why you should get your Indoor Air Quality Audit?

Know the harmful air pollutants
around you
Know the reason behind high
electricity bill
Decreases productivity

How we do Indoor IAQ audit?

air quality index

Air Quality testing

A team of experts from IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore will conduct Air Quality audit at the workplace and measure various parameters that affects indoor air quality which includes Air Quality Index, CO2, VOC, TVOC and germs.

air quality analysis

Air Quality Analysis

After detailed Air Quality testing, a comprehensive report will be provided after analyzing the data captured from our end of expert team.

clean air solutions

Clean Air Solutions

Post Air Quality Analysis, keeping in mind the available system, a solution plan can be provided to achieve a targeted air quality.

Airth Protected Clientele

Rusan Pharma
Balco Hospital
Govt. of Haryana

Airth Protected Clientele

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