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Five reasons why having an air purifier in your restaurant makes sense!

The food and beverage industry is not one to shy away from offering a great time to us all by making use of aesthetics and ergonomics. Restaurants and eateries are bonding places and more than just a place to eat food. 

But here is something you might not know – the process of cooking actually releases particulate matter (pm) into the air. This particulate matter can actually cause acute or chronic respiratory conditions. 

In fact, a recent study revealed that prolonged working hours in kitchens where frying and grilling take place can make one more susceptible to COVID 19 and its associated complications! 

COVID pandemic showed us all the factors we need to take care of while eating out. One such step can be the use of air purifiers. They can be a helpful addition to your eating space and here are the top 5 reasons which will compel you to take this step.  

  • Eliminating odors
    We can all agree that the kitchen of a restaurant is where all the flavor magic is happening! But while all that delicious cooking is taking place, a lot of different food smells are released along with smoke. Those two things combined are not such a great thing to have at your restaurant. Infact, the smoke and fumes coming from your kitchen could trigger symptoms in individual with allergies, respiratory conditions and food sensitivities.
    We can also agree that while your kitchen may remain filled with aromas but the eating place should smell fresh and clean.
    This is where an air purifier can help! An air purifier will help in absorbing strong odors and fumes and keep your restaurant smelling great. 
  • Eliminating pathogens from the air
    Pathogens refer to disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. These can be present in the air and the surprising fact is that the concentration of such germs is higher in indoor spaces. The COVID pandemic forced us all to acknowledge this when restaurants were shut down or asked to allow limited customers at a time.
    Restaurants are the ideal place for people to mingle and since people will eat, they will have to remove their masks. This increases the risk of spreading germs.
    Using an air purifier with superior filters will help in trapping such germs and cutting down the risk of airborne diseases. 
  • Getting rid of dust
    Dust particles are usually very miniscule in size but this is precisely why they can easily enter our respiratory tract and bring about unpleasant symptoms. Since restaurants are public spaces, there is an increased chance of dust accumulation on kitchen surfaces, table tops and other hard to reach spaces. Dust particles can trigger allergies and also make your restaurant look untidy/unclean. We know that’s not what you or your customers would like.
    To avoid dust particles from floating freely in air, purifiers can be installed in the seating area. 
  • Preventing the growth of mold
    Kitchens are damp places. Mold and fungus love damp and warm places too! Now that’s concerning because mold is known to grow rapidly and also release toxins. The presence of fungal spores in the air can literally spoil all your food quickly if you don’t take care. Mold can also grow in other places like under the sink, behind refrigerators, or microwaves where our attention usually doesn’t go. But ignoring this problem could result in food spoilage.
    Air purifiers with advanced technology can help in zapping out these nasty fungal spores and help in keeping your food fresh for a much longer time! 
  • Offering a good customer experience
    Taking measures and steps to ensure the safety of your customers and making sure that they have a great time while visiting your restaurant, makes a good impression. When people understand that you truly care about them coming into your space, they will want to come more and also enjoy more all the while feeling safe and respected.

    Measures such as Air purifiers, clean surroundings, and hygienic food are key to enhancing your customer’s experience.

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