What is an Air Filtration System: Features, Benefits & Needs

The air we breathe indoors is often more polluted than the air which circulates outside being recycled and confined. To protect our health from the occupants inside our home need to consider air purification remedies, which can be possible by implementing air purifying systems. Considering the whole house air filtration system needs different options like a modern air filtration system. 

About Air Filtration System 

An air filtration system is a process to prevent air contaminants from entering your property, capturing contaminating particles by air filters before they create air ducts and enter the rooms of your home. In simple words, an air filtration system has the potential to reduce the transfer of outdoor pollutants to the indoor air, improving the comfort and health of your family. An air filtration system is an easy way to create awareness for improving indoor air quality. It helps users and designers to understand the criteria of the air filtration process. 

An air filtration system comes in different models and types; however, they all work similarly. Air purifiers in an air filtration system use internal fans which pull air into your house and then it moves by a series of air filters that captures air pollutants like dust, dirt, bacteria, and pollen. This air then circulates into the rooms and this process will repeat and vice versa. 

A whole-house air filtration system is nowadays made in regularity as the air that you breathe indoors is more polluted than the outdoor air. To protect your health on regular terms it’s best to consider a whole-house air filtration system

For your whole house air filtration system, an air filter having High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters is used to remove particulates and other debris from the air. HEPA filters are more reliable in capturing small particles from every corner of your house. It filters out 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger from the air. As per the Department of Energy, HEPA filter for your whole house air filtration system provides credentials in making HEPA air filters a gold standard for allergen and airborne removals. 

An air filter for a Whole house air filtration system can efficiently cut back on high costs due to their filtration methods that allow the overall filtration system to run smoothly without any blockages. 

An air filter is basically designed to remove allergens from indoor air present circulating in your house. The product clearly serves the purpose to removes solid airborne particles which are generally harmful to human health if inhaled. Particles like dust, pollen, germs, Molds, fibers, and more are removed with an air filter system.  

An air filter has more explanation in terms of functions, an air filter acts as a silencer for the carburation system. As the air passes through the filter screen of the air filter in your house, the material catches specific matters such as dirt, allergens, and dust, and results in purifying the air at a breathable level. 

Features of Air Filtration System 

Air purifiers have now become more of a necessity rather than an optional home appliance purifying the air inside your home. Air purifiers are more beneficial for reducing pollution and for those who suffer from lung diseases. Below are three features that have been pointed out in the air filtration system: 

1. Protects from Bacteria & Viruses 

Due to Covid-19 variants the risk of infection remains present even among vaccinated people. Much of the research indicates that some air purifiers can protect you from those virus particles in the air. Most of the studies show that HEPA filter reduces Covid-19 particles in the air potentially decreasing viral load. Anti-microbial air purifiers can deactivate covid and other unseen viruses and germs. 

2. Protection from VOCs 

Many common household products like printers, paints, cleaning products, aerosol spray, and building materials produce VOCs or Volatile organic compounds, and air purifiers have features to protect you from those harmful and irritational gases. 

3. Allergen Removal 

Air filtration system purifies allergens that collect in your HVAC or Heating, ventilates, and air conditioning ducts that are blown throughout the house which includes, pollen, dust mites, smoke, etc. 

Benefits of Air Filtration System 

Air Filtration System is designed to remove fine air-borne dust particles within the home environment by recirculating air within the room through its high-efficiency filter combination. Here are 8 benefits of air filtration system noted down below: 

  1. Relieve allergies 
  2. Reduce airborne illness 
  3. Extend the lifespan of AC 
  4. Protect elderly and children 
  5. Fresh Breathable Atmosphere 
  6. Soothe Asthma Symptoms 
  7. Proper Sleep Experience 
  8. Better Climate Control 

Why Air Filtration– Needs 

If you consider why air filtration is even a need, it indicates to the answers that every year respiratory cancer and other related diseases have been linked to air pollution for a long time. Recent data has also found that there are terrible consequences when the air quality drops and includes, including anxiety, increased rates of suicide, and risk of mental disorders too. 

Therefore, why air filtration is needed are described in the points below: 

  • It protects the general well-being of the space occupant 
  • It helps in removing the staining portion of airborne dust and protects the décor of the space 
  • It removes airborne bacteria indoors and prevents postoperative infections. 
  • It eliminates the shelf life of perishable dairy products by removing Mold in processing operations. 

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