1. Getting started with AiRTH

It creates a suction of the room air and filters the contaminated air through a HEPA filter system that traps viruses, bacteria, fine dust, etc. This is a continuous process as the room air is recirculated by the air flow from the air purifier and keeps the air clean.

Our Anti Microbial Air Purifiers work on DCD (deactivate-capture-deactivate) mechanism which first deactivates the viruses and other germs by UVC irradiations then capturing them using special filters and then again deactivating them by continuous UVC irradiations.
Please watch our video on DCD mechanism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD37CvvLUeM/ 

Other Air Purifiers in the market only purify the air, capture the virus on the filter and allow growth of them which can again be resuspended into the air on continuous use. This mechanism is dangerous and can infect you severly. Our Anti Microbial Air Purifiers capture the virus and also deactivate them, making sure your virus deactivated room is safe.

For complete protection and air purification, area coverage by the product matters. vSure covers upto 500 sq. ft. of area and Aerosure covers upto 250 sq. ft. of area.

We use post processed HEPA filter and the maintenance has to be done after 6 months of continuous usage. In vSure, we have installed a “maintenance indicator” to inform you when the maintenance is required.

Yes. Our product are thoroughly tested and validated for durability and a long lifespan.

2. General

2 years. Please refer the warranty document for complete details.

Frequency of servicing is twice per year (within 6 months).
Yearly charges for vSure :- 17,700
Yearly charges for Aerosure :- 7,000
AMC is to be purchased separately

For product inspections after delivery, on-site support can be provided starting at Rs. 1,000 and would vary as per site location per device and the nature of complaint.

To track your order.
Visit https://www.delhivery.com/> Select LTL Shipment (LRN) option > Enter your LR number > Click “Track”

3. Cancellation, Refund & Payments related

You can cancel the order by:
1. Contacting us on our customer care number 8700529995
2. Writing to us on [email protected]
3. Submitting “Contact Us” Form and we will get in touch with you.

If the unit(s) have been picked up and shipped for your location. You can track the unit(s) at:
You can avail for a Return & Refund after the delivery of unit(s). Please refer Refund, Return and Cancellation Policy for more info.

We will process the payment back in your account within 10 business days.

We will process your order but if the payment does not reflect in our system then we would require you to initiate the payment again

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