Airth HEPA Filter Replacement for Airth Clean Air Module [Set of 2 Filters]


Protect your family from air pollution this winter

  • Clean Air Module Winter Replacement Filters [Airth Clean Air Module] . 
  • True-HEPA filters are coated with plant based polymers to destroy germs and purify air.
  • Able to capture PM 2.5, PM 10, Dust, Pollen, Allergens and Germs from the air and purify the air you breathe. Ideal for your family!
  • The filter area in clean air module (CAM) is 10 times more than other AC filters.
  • Applicable Model [Airth Clean Air Module]


Protect against PM 2.5, PM 10, Dust Smog

99% Efficiency

1 Airth HEPA Filter = 10 Normal AC Filters

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