Clean Air Module For Winter


Protect your family from air pollution with AC filter

  • Place the Clean Air Module on top of your AC
  • Use your AC in ‘fan mode’ to purify air during winters
  • Developed at IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore
  • Power consumption is as low as a ceiling fan
  • 99% efficiency against PM 2.5, PM10, smog, unseen germs and viruses
  • Proudly made in India

Clean Air Module | Air Filter for AC



"Fan mode" option to fight hazardous winter air pollution

Clean air module protection shield

Protects against PM 2.5
PM 10, Dust, Smog


1/10 the cost of
normal air purifier


Electricity bill as low as a ceiling fan in “Fan Mode” of AC

clean air module

1 Clean Air Module =
10 Normal AC Filters

double point

2X HEPA filter area than
other air purifiers


Efficiency of Clean Air Module vs Normal AC Filters

clean air module
air purifying
air filter

2x Filter area than other
AC filters

How to Install Clean Air Module?

Product Details & Specifications


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