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Fresh Air Unit


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About the Item:

Clean air even with open windows

  • Place the Fresh Air Unit on the ceiling 
  • Creates a suction of outside air
  • Three-layer Anti Microbial HEPA Filtration purifies the air and destroys germs 
  • 300 m3/hr of clean air is pumped inside
  • Creates a positive pressure and pushes air pollution out
  • 99% efficiency against PM 2.5, PM10, smog, unseen germs and viruses
  • Developed at IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore
  • Proudly made in India
For homes, offices & large spaces

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  • Air Purifier Module for Summer

Clean air
even with open windows

Fresh air unit Destroys germs & purifies the air

Fresh air in
air pollution out

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