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Air pollution at workplaces is a health hazard affecting the mental and physical well-being of employees. Air pollution has been linked to productivity issues and long-term illnesses.

Maintaining healthy air quality is critical which starts with monitoring the air in the office to know the invisible substances that cause air pollution and taking preventive measures to improve it.

Impacts of Poor Air Quality

The air that you breathe 22,000 times in a day and you spend 8-9 hours at your office, is it safe?

Higher sick leaves and absenteeism

Air pollution worsens the medical condition of an individual causing difficulty in breathing, sore throat, coughing and lung damage. 

Lower productivity

Research indicates that poor indoor air quality negatively impacts job performance and productivity not only in a labor-intensive job but in an indoor desk job where workers have to sit in front of computers all day.


High indoor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have been associated with impaired work performance like decision-making, problem-solving and increased health symptoms.

Employee retention

A survey of people working in the tech industry found that close to 93% of employees would stay longer at a company that offered a healthier workplace. Which suggests that if employees feel that their health is at risk due to working conditions in their office space. People are motivated to work for an organization that invests in their health and is perceived to care about them.

Pollutants that harm you at office


There has been extensive evidence proving that prolonged exposure to concentrated levels of CO2 is detrimental to employees ability to perform optimally in offices.

PM 2.5

Tiny size particles can stay suspended in the air much longer than larger particles and can be absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled.

Ozone (O3)

Exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been an indoor environmental quality (IEQ) concern in offices and other buildings for many years.

Poor Air Quality affects


People with low immunity

At-risk groups

Air quality Solutions For Offices

Making the air that you breathe in your office healthy and clean.

Anti Microbial Air Purifiers

Fresh Air Unit

Air filters for your central AC

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