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Poor Air Quality inside classroom harms mental and physical well being of a child. The air quality of classrooms where the students learn matters – especially considering that young children spend most of their time at schools learning at a growing age. 

It not only affects students, but also affect teachers and staff members, leading to  lowering job satisfaction and increasing healthcare burden.

Impacts of Poor Air Quality

A 7-year-old kid in India inhales pollution that a 70-year-old man has inhaled throughout his life in America 

Poor Performance

A study found that schools located in areas with poor air quality had the highest proportion of students failing to meet state educational testing standards.

Adversely affects Cognitive Development

Suboptimal Indoor air quality can negatively impact student learning and memory. 

Frequently falling sick

Severe impact on the physical health of both students and staff leads to more sick days taken by teachers and more school days missed by students.

Pollutants that harm children at school

PM 2.5

Tiny particles suspended in the air can be absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled.


Prolonged exposure to concentrated levels of CO2 is detrimental to children's ability to perform optimally in schools.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been an indoor environmental quality concern in schools for many years.

Poor Air Quality affects



Staff Members

Air quality Solutions For Schools

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