Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Prices: Gross amount is quoted after consideration by the company. Nothing set forth in the Purchase Order shall modify or amend the quoted prices and quantities unless such modifications or additions are agreed to by the company.

2. Taxes: Extra as per applicable GST.

3. Payment terms: Payment to be made after dispatch of units

3.1. Late Payment Charges : Payment to be made within the timeline as mentioned in clause 3 above or interest at the rate of 18% per month will be charged from the date of dispatch.

3.2. In case payment made by-Cheque Return Charges – 500/-

4. Warranty period: 2 Years

5. Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) is to be purchased separately of Rs 15,000 + [email protected]%

6. On-Site Support for product inspections can be provided starting at Rs. 400 and would vary as per site location per device and nature of complaint.

7. Special Note :

7.1. All prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the date stated in the quotation.

7.2. Order once dispatched cannot be cancelled or modified.

7.3. Any alterations and changes in the above quotation will require a fresh quotation request.

7.4. If you require a reasonable breakdown of your quotation please contact the company and we will clarify the cost quoted.

7.5. At your discretion, we are permitted to place marketing material, take pictures of our unit(s) at the place of deployment, testimonial video of your feedback and post them on social media and any other platform for marketing purposes.

7.6. At your discretion, we are permitted to put marketing material at your location to promote our product.

7.7. At your discretion, we are permitted to make a testimonial video gathering your valuable feedback and experience around the product and post it on our social media or any other platform for marketing purposes.

8. Goods once sold will not be accepted back

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