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Anti Microbial Air Filters

Immune power of 1000 plants that destroy germs and purify air

Anti Microbial Air Filtration System

Polluted Air = Higher Electricity Bill 

  • The dust particles settle on the AC making it inefficient.
  • The energy is wasted to cool the dust particles in the air.

Polluted Air = Bad Health

  • We breathe more than 22,000 times in a day and yet we might are breathing poison!!

Available in all dimensions & specifications ranging from MERV 5 to HEPA

Technology by IIT Kanpur and IISc

Why Choose Airth Air Filteration System?


Saves electricity bill

Purifies the air & destroys germs

double point

Higher filter life

clean air module

Increases filtration efficiency

Destroys SARS-CoV-2

Tested at NABL accredited labs


Efficiency of Clean Air Module vs Normal AC Filters

Safe and sustainable environment

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Available in all sizes and specifications

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