Technology from IIT Kanpur & IISc Bangalore 

Protection against PM 2.5, viruses, bacteria, allergies and more

Airth is leading air expert with certified purification technology to destroy germs and filter particulate matter.

Air Purifier for AC

Air Purifiers that works via AC

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Fresh Air Unit

Advanced Air Purifier for your home

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Smart Air Monitor

 Monitor what you breathe 24 x 7

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Destroys Bacteria, Deactivate Viruses, Exterminate Mould

Removes PM2.5

PM 2.5 particles are extremely harmful pollutants that can even cause heart diseases and asthma.

Airth filters have been tested and certified for eliminating PM 2.5 particles.

Deactivates Virus

A virus is a tiny infectious agent that can only multiply inside living cells and can be higly contagious and even life threatening.

Airth filters have been scientifically examined and certified for deactivating Virus.

Destroys Bacteria

Bacteria are micro organisms that

can be disease causing and can harm our health severely. 

Airth filters have proven to be destroying bacteria effectively. 

Airth filters are new generation filters that are capable of purifying air and destroying germs at high efficiency.

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Microscopic Image of Airth Coated Filter

Courtesy : IISc Lab, Bangalore

Technology that has been validated through scientific research and evidence.

Complete protection from air pollution and disease transformation.

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