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Impact of Poor Air Quality at Workplace

Decreased Productivity

Poor air quality in workspaces can significantly decrease productivity by causing various health issues. Exposure to pollutants like particulate matter and volatile organic compounds can lead to respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue, and irritability among employees.

Affects the attention span

Poor air quality in workspaces can have detrimental effects on attention span and overall mental health. 

Exposure to indoor air pollutants like mould, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide can lead to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and irritability, contributing to stress and anxiety. 

Increased Electric Bills

Poor air quality in workspaces can indirectly lead to increased electricity bills. Inadequate ventilation and air circulation systems can cause temperature imbalances, forcing the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment. 

Air Quality Audit Process

1. Air Quality Testing

A careful analysis designed by a team of experts from IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore will be conducted at the workplace and measure various parameters that affects air quality which includes PM2.5, CO2, VOC, TVOC and germs.

2. Air Quality Analysis

After detailed Air Quality testing, a comprehensive report will be provided after analyzing the data captured from our end of expert team.

3. Clean Air Solutions

Post Air Quality Analysis, keeping in mind the available system, a solution plan can be provided to achieve a targeted air quality.

Importance of Air Quality at your Workplace

Book AQI Audit for your Workplace


A solution to know the tiny harmful particles you breathe daily.

  • PM 2.5

  • PM 10

  • CO2

  • VOC

  • 2 Hour Testing

  • Report in 72 hours


An excellent choice to know the reason behind less productivity of your employees and higher electricity bill of the workplace

  • PM 2.5

  • PM 10

  • CO2

  • VOC

  • 2 Hour Testing

  • Report in 48 hours

Care Plus

The best option to know all the harmful air pollutants present at your workplace.

  • PM 2.5

  • PM 10

  • CO2 

  • VOC

  • 2 Hour Testing

  • Report in 24 hours

Successful Case Studies

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IIT Kanpur

82% Air Quality Improvement

36% Energy Savings

Vegas Mall

80% Air Quality Improvement

41% Energy Savings


65% Air Quality Improvement

30% Energy Savings


90% Air Quality Improvement


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