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Germ-Destroying Air Filters

Microscopic image of AIRTH coated filters.  

Courtesy : IISc Lab, Bangalore

Over continuous usage, the existing air filters become a 

breeding ground for captured germs.


Growing breed of germs would clog the pores of the filter, reducing the life of the filters and more importantly, release of these germs can infect people in the vicinity. 

1. Airth Coating

We have come up with Germ-destroying air filters that can deactivate germs using ingredients like polyphenols and polycationic polymers commonly found in green tea. 

These ‘green’ ingredients rupture the microbes through site-specific binding.

2. Germ Deactivation

Our novel antimicrobial air filters have been tested at various CSIR & NABL accredited laboratories.


The Airth coated HEPA filters have been certified to deactivate viruses, bacteria and efficiently remove fine particulate matter.

Microscopic image of AIRTH coated filters

Courtesy : IISc Lab, Bangalore

Test Report for Antivirals

I. Antibacterial Testing

II. Antiviral Testing 


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