Understanding Indoor Air Pollution: Sources and Solutions

Highlights: This article could provide an overview of common sources of indoor air pollution and actionable solutions to address them, drawing from the analysis of various factors contributing to poor indoor air quality

Breathe Better: Unravelling Indoor Air Pollution and Harnessing Solutions

In the modern era, among the clamors for healthier lifestyles, we firmly cultivate habits of exercise, monitor our nutrition and nurture our mental well-being. Yet, amidst this fight for nurturing our lives, there exists an enemy, often overlooked in our homes and workplace and that is indoor air pollution. Let's join our hands together towards a journey to uncover the subtle threats hidden within the air we breathe indoors and at the same time, explore the empowering solutions that pave the way to a healthier & brighter life.

Where do we find such culprits & how can we unveil them? (Sources of Indoor Air Pollution) 

Let's understand through a story!

In a peculiar town stood a house known as ‘Aashiyana’. To the naked eye, it seemed like any other charming abode but within its four walls, an unseen battle seeped. It was not a common clash of swords and shields but a war of air, fought silently.

The Invisible trek

Simran had just moved into ‘Aashiyana’ with her husband, Karamjeet and their children. The house held nostalgic charm but also possessed secrets that lay hidden in the air they breathed. As Simran unpacked her luggage, she couldn’t help but notice a persistent smell. Little did she know, this was the first sign of the invisible enemies concealed in her new home.


At first, the culprits were clever and difficult to track down. The paint on the walls, seemingly innocent, exhaled whispers of formaldehyde. The cleaners Simran used secretly released volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that swirled through the air. Even the adhesives holding the home's structure together contributed to the toxicity, each day degrading the quality of air with invisible poison.


One fine evening, as Karamjeet lit a fire in the old-fashioned fireplace (hearth), a cozy warmth filled the room. However, the flickering flames also brought forth pollutants, mainly toxic chemicals, which slowly spread into every corner. As the children played, the air grew heavier with these unseen toxins.

The family is quite fond of eating different varieties of food. However, as Simran cooks delicious meals for her family, smoke and fumes from the stove add to the pollution, filling the air with particles that further contaminate the indoor environment and create discomfort.


Tobacco smoke, another frequent visitor due to Karamjeet's occasional pipe, spreads all over the rooms and wrap everyone into its dangerous trap.

But the most dangerous invaders came from nature itself. Mould spores thrived in the damp corners, and pet dander from their beloved dog, Sheru became airborne adversaries. These biological contaminants sowed seeds of discomfort and respiratory enemies.


Simran, aware of the strange illnesses troubling her family's persistent coughs, headaches and fatigue felt the need to seek answers. Her search led her to the wise Dr. Hari an expert in indoor air quality. “Your home is beautiful, but it harbors dangers unseen. You must look for different ways to turn to the power of ventilation.”


Dr. Hari's words were filled with promise and hope. He introduced Simran to the power of ventilation and provided his first suggestion, “Open your windows,” he advised. “Let the breeze carry away the pollutants.” Simran followed his advice and even employed exhaust fans to set up a symphony of fresh air that began to dilute the bad odour.


Then came the technological wonders: air purifiers for home equipped with HEPA filters and activated carbon. Dr. Hari recommended Airth, a beacon of innovation. This Air Purifier for AC is the world’s first innovative technology developed at IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore which upgrades our split Air Conditioner into an air purifier and is capable of removing pollutants from the air up to 90%.


Simran happily bought a new AC air purifier for her home. It was not only affordable but also easily installed in no time. Alongside, Simran also embraced natural cleaning solutions like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice while replacing harsh chemicals in order to preserve both cleanliness and air quality. Routine maintenance of combustion appliances became a ritual, ensuring safety and efficacy.


To further improve the indoor environment, Dr. Hari also suggested for indoor plants which are known for their air-purifying qualities. Plants like spider plants and peace lilies naturally filter the air and add to the home's aesthetic beauty.


The family committed to a smoke-free environment and welcomed a culture of respiratory wellness. Slowly but steadily, the air in ‘Aashiyana’ transformed. 

 A New Dawn

With each step, Simran’s family felt the difference. With the spirit of such achievements in their life, ‘Aashiyana’ became a perfect heaven of purity. The Airth AC air purifiers stood as guardians, ensuring each breath was a proof of purity. And as Simran looked out over the hills, she knew they had not only reclaimed their home but also their health and happiness.


So, let us also embark upon this journey together, hand in hand, breath by breath, as we move ahead the currents of change in this world of modernization and enter in a new era of cleaner, purer air for all.

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